Stellar Designer, Precise Editor

You don't work with a business for more than 20 years unless the service and results are consistently awesome. That's the case with
S. Kloos Communications. Stephanie brings tremendous leadership and experience to the organization. Her dual background as a stellar designer and a precise editor combine to bring her clients a level of depth and professionalism.

On design: Stephanie and her team rely on a cooperative approach in the design process to ensure that the client achieves precisely the right look and feel of a project.

On editorial: It's rare to find a designer who cares as much about the intent of the content as the overall look of a finished product. That makes Stephanie and her team a gem. As a former editor, she's continuously on the lookout for precision and clarity, suggesting edits that ultimately serve to improve the project. I'm a bit chagrined to say she's saved me from some embarrassing gaffes that might have gone undetected if it weren't for her and her team members' careful review.

Marjolijn Bijlefeld
Director of Custom Publications
Practice Advancement Associates
Fredericksburg, VA

"Dream Team"

No higher praise and greater appreciation can be offered: S. Kloos Communications is dedicated, tireless and exceptional in all phases of publication creation and execution, including books, magazines, advertising, advertorials, newsletters and sales materials. Deadlines and budgets are met; timelines are aggressive; attention to details is meticulous; and there's always a warm smile. S. Kloos Communications is a dream team.

Paul Gerber
Gerber Communications
Naperville, IL

Strongly Recommended

I have had the pleasure of working closely with Stephanie Kloos and her team for over two decades now. Aside from their impressive technical expertise, Stephanie and her team also have an extraordinary intuitive grasp of what makes a project work from inception to finishing touches. They are creative, responsible, and great to work with—I cannot recommend them too strongly.

David Kagan
Associate Publisher
Podiatry Management magazine
Ardmore, PA

Fantastic Results

Stephanie did a great job with the Temple survival ad. It is amazing how many people are registering for the Feb. 6 event from the ad. The Temple Alumni Association is really impressed with her design and the fantastic results the ads have had.

Edward Cohen, DPM
Marketing Director and
Immediate Past President
Academy of Ambulatory Foot Surgery
Gulfport, Gautier, Laurel, and Hattiesburg, MS